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StereoPrints Order


Size: 180x120mm (3:2)

Viewing distance: 30cm
Price: $6 per unit

Note: we can make StereoPrints up to 40cm wide. Send us an inquiry for special sizes.

Order form choices:
  1. Stereo window adjustment: check if you want us to optimize the stereo window position for best viewing experience (will cause some cropping),

  2. Cropping: check if you want us to crop your image to 3x2 aspect in order to maximize the picture size.

Order submission:
  1. Fill in and submit the form.

  2. Press the "Email pictures to us" button.

  3. Attach your pictures to the email, write your name in the subject field and send it.

  1. Once we receive your order form and pictures, we will send you a payment request, which can be paid by Paypal or any credit card. You will be requested to fill in your shipping address in the payment form.

  2. We will start production as soon as your payment arrives. Production takes typically one week.

  3. The shipping charge will be added to your order. You can see the shipping charge in our Cost Calculator. Just fill in your country at the top, and in the first row below enter in the yellow cells the number of units, Format = Small, and Graphics = Sequence. Keep the unit in the other two rows 0.

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