Herzliya, Israel

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Size: 180x120mm (3:2)

Lens density: 70 per inch

Viewing distance: 50cm
Price: $6 per unit

Order submission:
  1. Fill in and submit the form.

  2. Press the "Email pictures to us" button.

  3. Attach your pictures to the email, write your name in the subject field and send it.

  1. Submitting the order (and sending the pictures) does not commit you to anything.

  2. In most pictures that we receive the position of the stereo window plane is not optimal for StereoPrints. This will result in less comfortable viewing. If you want us to adjust the stereo window for the best viewing experience, please indicate so on the order form. This adjustment is provided free of charge and involves small cropping.

  3. Crop your pictures before submission to the correct aspect ratio (3:2). If you submit pictures in another aspect, they will be printed in maximal size which fits the 180x120mm frame. If you want us to crop your pictures to the correct aspect, please indicate so in the form.

  4. Ecopost is not available in all countries. If your country does not support Ecopost service, your order will be shipped by registered mail. The shipping method will be indicated on our payment request form (see below).

  5. We prefer stereo pictures in MPO format. We accept also separate pictures in jpg format with left/right label in the name.

  6. We can make StereoPrints in other sizes, up to 30cm wide. Inquiries for other sizes or any other matter may be submitted in the "Message" field.

  1. Once we receive your order form and pictures, we will send you a payment request, which can be paid by Paypal or any credit card. You will be requested to fill in your shipping address in the payment form.

  2. We will start the production as soon as your payment arrives. Production takes typically two to three days.

  3. The shipping method will be indicated on the payment request.

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