UnCurve: Lens curvature correction for large format prints

Lens curvature is a major problem in large-format lenticular prints. UnCurve solves this problem by warping the interlace according to the lens curvature. With the corrected interlace, the lenticular picture will behave as if the lens is perfectly straight.

The effect of UnCurve is illustrated in the figure below, in which a heavily curved 100cmx100cm sheet was used. To read more about the method, see the user manual or our Blog post.

UnCurve user manual:

Download and install UnCurve. No license needed, just configure it as a "trial" and get six days of fully functional use free of charge.

Purchase UnCurve one-year license (1,750$)

Purchase UnCurve ulimited license (5,000$)

Note: the "Buy Now" buttons do not install UnCurve on your computer. Use the install button to install the software.

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