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Turtle layout software

Want to print lenticular business cards?
Turtle is the ideal tool for you!


  • Simple and fast

  • Fill all sheet area with a grid of cards

  • All cards can be centered simultaneously (a must for 3D)

  • Prints cards with different content on the same sheet

  • Built-in layout editor

  • No limitations on card size and sheet size

  • Supports both horizontal and vertical lenticules directions

  • Supports different values for horizontal and vertical printing densities

  • Prints cutting lines for precision cutting

  • Hairline alignment patterns added for easy alignment

Turtle software icon

A screenshot:

Download Turtle setup to install a fully functional trial copy of Turtle on your PC (Windows 64bit only). Current Turtle version: 1

Registering your Turtle app

The first time that you launch Turtle, you will be asked to register it:

registration window.jpg

If you want to use the app as a trial (fully functional for 30 days), choose 'Configure as a trial', press 'OK' and you are ready to go.

If you want to register Turtle for an unlimited time, choose 'Configure as a standalone program'. You will be asked to enter your license key purchased using the 'Buy Now' button below.

Purchase a permanent Turtle license. With the purchase, you will obtain a license code that can be used to register your installation or upgrade from a trial installation.

Price: $45

Upgrade your trial to a standalone installation

The upgrade of a trial to a standalone installation is accomplished in two steps:

1. Purchasing a full license using the button "Buy Now" above

2. Running the Turtle upgrade app. You can download it using the "Download Turtle upgrade" button below.

The first time that you launch Turtle after the upgrade, the Turtle product registration window will appear. Choose 'Configure as a standalone program', and enter your license key at the prompt. Press 'OK', and you are ready to go.

Turtle support subscription form
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