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Cost calculator

The cost is composed of three parts: conversion, printing, and shipment.

Conversion is a graphical service in which the submitted art is converted to an image sequence which can be used by the lenticular print software. There is a conversion fee for both layered graphics and CG model submission. The conversion depends on the picture format, so conversion fee is charged for each format even if the submitted art is the same. For sequence submissions, there is no conversion fee.

The model conversion cost is based on OpenGl rendering. Printing depends on the picture format and is charged per picture. 

The calculator assumes the Ecopost postal service for shipping. This service is most cost-effective but has a weight limit of 2Kg. The delivery time is 10 to 12 business days for Australia and Hong Kong, and 5 to 7 business days to the other territories. If your country does not appear in the countries list of the calculator below, or the total weight exceeds 2Kg, we will use EMS or courier to ship. You will need a quote from us concerning the cost.

To use the calculator, choose your country in cell B1, and then use rows 1, 2, and 3 to choose the picture formats, the quantities, and the graphics formats. In unneeded rows set the quantity to 0. Note: quote is provided only for weight up to 2Kg.

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