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fPitch: Innovative software for the measurement of the lenticular pitch

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fPitch is a completely new concept for lenticular pitch measurement. It makes the pitch measurement easier and more precise. And it is completely free!

To install, extract the contents of the downloaded archive to an empty folder.

Latest version: 7.4, August 2023. What is new?

  1. A new 'Contrast' option has been added to the settings. This option can be used to improve pattern contrast but may result in slight loss of precision.

  2. The left pattern annotation in Edge mode was eliminated to save space.

Important notes for Mac users:

1. On some Macs, when you try to launch fPitch you may get a note saying 'Apple can't check for malicious software' and Grape will be blocked. MacOS User Guide suggests a way to overcome this.

2. Have patience: It takes approximately 30 seconds for fPitch to launch on macOS. 

Free subscription to fPitch support: fill in the form below to receive notifications about fPitch bug fixes and enhancements. Your credentials will not be used for any other purpose and will not be shared.

fPitch support subscription form

Want to experiment with fPitch without the hassle of downloading and running the software? Use the buttons below to download ready-to-print patterns for the most popular lenses: 40lpi and 60lpi. Both patterns are designed for print at a density of 720ppi.

Please review fPitch for the benefit of other users:

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