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The 3D Moiré Effect

For Fly-Eye, Lenticular, and Parallax Barrier Setups

The mesmerizing 3D moiré effect is a captivating illusion that can be experienced without any visual aids or spatial restrictions. This informative book delves into the theory behind the effect and provides mathematical tools for managing it.

Despite its familiarity to many, the 3D moiré effect has not received much scholarly attention until now. This publication is the first comprehensive study on the subject and contains many new and hitherto unpublished results. Readers will gain insight into the appearance of 3D moiré floating planes and will also learn how to transform these planes into surfaces with various geometries, like the sphere shown to the right.

Whether you are a scholar with a passion for 3D illusions or a graphics software engineer, this book will expand your knowledge and introduce you to new possibilities in this field.

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Lenticular 3D Moiré picture

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