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Lenticular imaging book

"A great reference for anyone interested in the field of lenticular imaging. Written by an expert in the field. The book is loaded with illustrations, photographs, and formulas to explain many of the principles. This is the only book of its kind. It is technical in nature, but the author explains the concepts clearly. Lots of mathematical equations for those with a scientific or engineering interest." Michael Brown (2018)

"I love your book- I have 2 copy - physical and kindle version.

Book covers whole process from creation to print- my everyday reading:-)." Marek Fragner (2019, private correspondence)

Lenticular print

"WOW!!! I am amazed at the quality of this lenticular. It is so sharp and deep. I have never seen a lenticular so sharp with so much resolution which has so much depth." Sheldon Aronovitz

UnCurve software

"I had Itzhak apply this workflow to a series of 4x8' 2-flip lenticular prints I made for a recent project. This was using ... 20 LPI which was especially distorted on the ends - so much so that the full size sheets were unusable as they were. They came out great - actually made the project possible, otherwise I am not sure what would have happened... This process is one of the more interesting/useful developments to come down the lenticular pike in some time, in my opinion, solves a real problem."

Chris Dean, Midwest Lenticular (February 24th 2019)

Fpitch software

I downloaded Matlab & Fpitch and am really fascinated by Yitzhak Weissman's software tool.

Michael Brown (February 23th 2019).

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