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fSeq software

Would you like to print your 3D photograph as a 3D lenticular picture? fSeq is for you!

To make a lenticular picture, you need a sequence of photographs, typically 10. Your stereo image has only 2. Do not worry: fSeq will convert your stereo photo to a sequence of any number of images!

Stereo photograph



Lenticular sequence


Not every stereo photograph can be converted to a lenticular sequence. Read our blog post to learn how to stage your photography.


  • Supports transparency

  • Automatic background insertion

  • Simple user interface

  • MPO file format accepted

  • Option for parallax balancing

  • Outputs parallax data for lenticular picture design

Current version: 3


Download fSeq setup to install a fully functional trial copy of fSeq on your PC (Windows 64bit only).

Registering your fSeq app

The first time that you launch fSeq, you will be asked to register it:

registration window.jpg

If you want to use the app as a trial (fully functional for 30 days), choose 'Configure as a trial', press 'OK' and you are ready to go.

If you want to register fSeq for an unlimited time, choose 'Configure as a standalone program'. You will be asked to enter your license key purchased using the 'Buy Now' button below.

Purchase a permanent fSeq license. With the purchase, you will obtain a license code that can be used to register your installation or upgrade from a trial installation.

Price: $45

Upgrade your trial to a standalone installation

The upgrade of a trial to a standalone installation is accomplished in two steps:

1. Purchasing a full license using the button "Buy Now" above

2. Running fSeq upgrade app. You can download it using the "Download fSeq upgrade" button below.

The first time that you launch fSeq after the upgrade, the fSeq product registration window will appear. Choose 'Configure as a standalone program', and enter your license key at the prompt. Press 'OK', and you are ready to go.

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