fSeq software

Would you like to print your 3D photograph as a 3D lenticular picture? fSeq is for you!

To make a lenticular picture, you need a sequence of photographs, typically 10. Your stereo image has only 2. Do not worry: fSeq will convert your stereo photo to a sequence of any number of images!

Stereo photograph



Lenticular sequence


Not every stereo photograph can be converted to a lenticular sequence. Read our blog post to learn how to stage your photography.


  • Supports transparency

  • Automatic background insertion

  • Simple user interface

  • MPO file format accepted

  • Option for parallax balancing

  • Outputs parallax data for lenticular picture design

Download fSeq setup to install a fully functional trial copy of fSeq on your PC (Windows 64bit only). You may use it free of charge for 30 days.

Purchase fSeq license. With this purchase you obtain a 29$ value bonus: a free picture (small size) of your sequence! To claim your bonus, go to the picture order page.

Paypal account is required for payment.