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About the book

The book treats the visual and the optical aspects of lenticular imaging comprehensively. The theoretical discussion is supplemented by numerous examples and figures which explain and illustrate the underlying principles, to make the book accessible and useful for scholars, practitioners, and graphical artists.

The most striking capability of lenticular pictures is the display of depth. 3D lenticular pictures can be enjoyed without any visual aids, and are viewable from within a comfortably large volume. As explained in the book, with a proper design, the display can be made sharp and smooth, creating a compelling virtual reality illusion.

The book explains in detail all topics related to lenticular imaging. These topics include optics, image processing, calibration, print, 3D design, and photography. A special chapter is devoted to electronic lenticular displays. Most of the material is based on original research and presented here for the first time.

Lenticular imaging book
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