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Grape interlacing software

Grape is a free interlacing software for lenticular print. Features:

  • Simple and fast

  • Picture size limited only by computer memory

  • Supports different printing densities in the horizontal and the vertical directions

  • Prints alignment margins to facilitate orientation and centering adjustments

  • Centered calibration (image center remains intact)


Watch Grape tutorials on YouTube:


Windows: 64 bit, tested on Windows 10

Mac: Tested on Big Sur

Important note for Mac users: on some Macs, when you try to launch Grape you may get a note saying 'Apple can't check for malicious software' and Grape will be blocked. MacOS User Guide suggests a way to overcome this.

Windows latest versions:

Mac latest version:

Windows command-line interface:

Free subscription to Grape support: fill in the form below to receive notifications about Grape bug fixes and enhancements. Your credentials will not be used for any other purpose and will not be shared.

Grape support subscription form

Please review Grape for the benefit of other users:

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