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The 3D lenticular picture: an affordable medium to show your art in 3D

3D lenticular print needs a sequence of images, typically 10. The lenticular sequence can be created by photography (real or virtual) of by image processing programs. Our fSeq software can be used to convert a stereo photograph to a lenticular sequence.

We offer here three standard picture categories: small, meiudm and large. Each cateory has a size: 15cm for small, 18cm for medium, and 28cm for large. The category of a given picture size is determined by its largest dimension. For example, a 10cmX15cm picture is small, but a 10cmX16cm picture is medium because 16cm exceeds the small size limit of 15cm.

Our standard lenticular lens is 50 lpi (lenticules per inch) and 0.6mm thick. The required sequence length is 10 images. This lens can display a total depth of 8mm. The maximal allowed relative parallaxes are 3%, 2%, and 1.5% for the small, the medium and the large pictures respectively (assuming that each picture has its maximal width). The fSeq program gives the maximal relative parallax of your sequence, which lets you determine its suitability for a given picture. For example, if the maximal relative parallax magnitude of your sequence is 2%, it can be printed in the small or the medium sizes, but not in the large size. If you prepare your sequence yourself, you must measure the maximal relative parallax magnitude yourself, as explained in our blog post on "Stereo Photography for Lenticular Print".

We stock a large selection of lenses with different lpi and thickness values, and can print pictures with up to 100cm width. Send us an inquiry if you need lens or sizes different from the standard.

We ship goods with EcoPost, with a typical delivery time of 10 days. Ecopost is available currently in the following countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, and US. To all other countries, your order will be shipped with registered mail, with delivery time of a few weeks.

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