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What are StereoPrints?

Conventional lenticulars are made from a series of 2D images, each representing a different view of the object (scene). Normally, the number of 2D images used to make a conventinal lenticular exceed 10. The 2D picture series are photographed using either a camera array or a sliding camera.


Stereo photography produces only two 2D pictures (a stereo pair). This is not sufficient for conventional lenticular print. In order to enable lenticular printing from stereo pairs, practitioners use software image processing methods to generate intermediate images using the two given pictures as extreme views. This method is susceptible to geometrical distrtions and artifacts, and has limited capability of depth display.


Pop3DArt developed a method to make lenticular print from just two images. This printing method is used to print lenticulars from standard stereo pairs, without any software-generated intermediate images. We call such lenticular prints "StereoPrints (TM)".


Since the StereoPrints contain only the two original images, they appear to the eye exactly as the stereo image would have appeared in a stereo viewer. In particular, the displayed depth is exactly the same as captured in the original stereo photograph. In fact, one may regard the StereoPrint as a (fixed) stereo viewer.

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