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"The depth is very good and details are sharp, but the angle of view is extremely critical and can be seen well from a very narrow angle." Shab Levy

"I must say I have never seen any lenticular prints with so much depth and sharpness."  David Tiede

"Your Lenticular ... has acquired my great interest and appreciation. I was kind stunned at first glace of it. Wow, "this is what I imaged of how a lenticular ... went!" I shouted to myself. So sharp, so vivid and more is no need of an eyewear that a lot of viewers often complained when they saw the art first time themselves… . Well, you have pushed the art to a new level… " Robert Chow

"That is an excellent lenticular ... Very good depth and clarity.  I haven't seen a ... lens which could do that, or has those angles of view...Very nice work." Martin Simon

"Your work is amazing - I really like the depth you achieved."  Joel Gilgoff

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