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The Standard Pictures

We offer three standard picture sizes: small, medium, and large. Our standard lens is 50 lpi, with 0.6mm thickness. The required sequence length for this lens is 14 images, and the total displayeable depth is 24mm.

A standard picture needs not to be a square. For example, a picture of size 8"x5" is medium, since its largest dimension (8") is between 6" and 9". 

small picture.jpg

Small picture

Size of largest dimension: <6"

Maximal relative parallax magnitude: 9%

Price: 14$

medium picture.jpg

Medium picture

Size of largest dimension: between 6" and 9"

Maximal relative parallax magnitude: 6%

Price: 23$

large picture.jpg

Large picture

Size of largest dimension: between 9" and 12"

Maximal relative parallax magnitude: 4.5%

Price: 37$

We stock a great variety of lenses. If you want another lens or other picture sizes, send us an inquiry.

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