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Submitting layered Photoshop graphics for 3D lenticular print

It is possible to submit a layered graphics file for 3D lenticular print, instead of a sequence. The depth is created by imaging each layer at a different distance from the picture plane. The image to the right was made from two layers only: foreground and background, but, in general, there may be any number of layers.

For many graphical artists, preparation of layered graphics is easier than rendering a sequence from a 3D scene. Although such graphics may produce the same depth as a sequence, the 3D quality is inferior, because each layer is flat. There are advanced methods with which it is possible to sculpt the layers (depth maps), but these methods will not be discussed here.

The preferable format for submission of layered graphics is a Photoshop file. Save your file in a storage which allows sharing, and enter the link in the form below. We will evaluate your graphics free of charge.

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