Lenticular software


Pop3DArt has developed innovative software for lenticular print. Fpitch is a new tool for measuring the lenticular pitch. UnCurve solves the problem of lens distortions in large-format pictures. Learn more...

3D lenticular imaging


Depth display in 3D lenticular pictures involves tradeoffs between visual quality and displayed depth. Our tools for 3D imaging design allow us to optimize these tradeoffs with engineering precision. These methods are published in the book "Lenticular Imaging", along with many other related topics. Reading this book will let you understand how 3D lenticular pictures are designed and made, and become involved with these processes. Learn more...

Your art in 3D


3D lenticular print is an exciting medium to display your art. It can show a 3D scene or an object with a high visual quality and can be used as wall art.    

To print a 3D model as a lenticular picture, it must be converted to an image sequence. Such a sequence can be created by photographing a real object or by rendering a computer-generated scene. We present here detailed instructions on how to create such sequences, so you can easily make them yourself. Alternatively, you can submit to us the 3D model directly, and we will create the sequence for you. Learn more...         

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