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Academic lenticular imaging course/tutorial

The lenticular medium can be used to display graphical art in 3D without any visual aids. Recent developments in digital print allow the making of 3D lenticular pictures with standard digital plotters, thus enabling fabrication on demand at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, this medium is now accessible to any printshop practicing digital print.

In spite of the growing popularity and the proliferation of the 3D lenticular medium, it has received very little attention from scholars. Until recently, the principles of lenticular imaging were obscure and unavailable to the academic community, and, therefore, were not taught in the relevant curricula. The new book "Lenticular Imaging" by Dr. Yitzhak Weissman has changed this state of affairs, by exposing a complete and comprehensive treatment of all aspects of the subject.

Dr. Weissman has prepared a one-day course to teach the principles of lenticular imaging, as explained in his book. It consists of five lectures:

  1. The optics and the function of lenticular sheets,

  2. Interlacing and calibration,

  3. 3D imaging with lenticular sheets,

  4. The viewing space of a 3D lenticular picture,

  5. Content preparation.

In addition to theory and principles, the students will learn practical topics, like:

  1. How to choose the lenticular sheet density and thickness for their project,

  2. How to prepare graphics for 3D lenticular pictures,

  3. How to control the trade-offs in the depth display to optimize visual impact,

  4. How to specify and evaluate workmanship quality in the lenticular picture production.

Each lecture lasts for approximately 80 minutes. It is recommended to present the first three lectures in the morning, for example from 9:00 to 13:20, and the last two in the afternoon, from 15:00 to 18:00.

The course is not intended to be a practical guide for making lenticular pictures. It can be customized in both duration and topics to suit the intended audience.

Our fee for the course: 1,500 Euro.

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